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Thank you Nadiyah for a wonderful energy session. Your warmth, calmness and energy was just what I needed. My session has helped me realize how important it is to take time out each day and reflect.

P. Jenkins

It was so calming. Before we started it felt like I was broken a little bit, but afterwards I felt whole. The session awakened my spirit … my spirit really enjoyed it. I definitely see the benefit of getting regular healings, like going to the chiropractor regularly.

Brian R.

I recently had an opportunity to experience my first ever energy healing session. I had been having knee pain for about a week before the session. My knee had been healing, but I could not bend it all the way without feeling some pain. During the healing session, I could feel concentrated energy around my knee. I stayed positive with the belief that I would be healed. I imagined doing some activities, like tennis and soccer, which my knee had prevented me from doing recently. After the session was over, my knee was totally healed and I could bend it all the way without any pain. It has been a few days now, and even with lots of dancing and walking my knee hurts no more. The healing session with Nadiyah was a wonderful and fruitful experience.


This was a great workshop! The activities were inspiring. The messages received will improve my life.

Cheryl W.

Just what I needed at this time of my life.


Good balance between info - practice - discussion. Easily understood, simple instruction on Authentic Living.

Katherine M.

She provided a very relaxed and safe environment, enough to slip into a brief sleep ... or 3. Her affirmations make you believe it.


*All sessions are unique and results will vary.*

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