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We are here to connect. We are so attractive and intriguing to each other. We want to touch each other. This drive that we have to join with another, our very life force, is so powerful. And when we do connect sexually with another, we reenact the creation of the universe. I'm definitely going to discuss sacred sexuality in future posts, but what I want to discuss in this one, is the whole range of experiences that we can have just from feeling aroused, without a physical release. Our mind is our greatest sex organ. This type of arousal comes from our own energy, from our thoughts, and then it manifests itself physically in our bodies. From this energetic space we can make a decision about how we want to direct this feeling that we're having.

We can use this powerful feeling, our life force, to enrich other areas of our life. In this state of arousal we can bask in our awakened senses. We can embrace the natural world in all of its wonder and can truly experience and resonate in our oneness with it. In this heightened state, we begin to attract connections to fulfill the desires of our heart. We can expand our intuition and begin to trust more in our own inner wisdom. We can create beautiful works of art from this place. We can bring fresh ideas to an old problem and visualize the growth and success of our projects. Ideas come to life. In this open state, we can think and affirm things into existence. We are creators after all, and arousal is one of our tools. The universe responds to this feeling and aligns to give us what we wish to experience.

In this state, we begin to realize that we are love itself ... that Universal Love flows through us. We begin to understand that we have everything that we need inside of us, and that any loving connections that we make are wondrous gifts to be cherished and honored from a place of abundance, unburdened from fear or insecurity. We do not look for someone to complete us because we know that we are already complete.

When we start living from this place of arousal we begin to demand more from our lives. We begin to want to experience more connection, more beauty, more love, more intellectual, physical and spiritual stimulation and then we naturally seek that out.

Get started today living in this state of bliss ... all we have is this moment. Start each day by connecting to yourself in meditation, reflection and/or prayer. Begin to declutter your mind and then see, feel and experience who you are in silence. Put on some meditation music and become one with the sounds ... vibrate with the musical frequencies. Swirl your own energy around with your hands and loving thoughts. Take deep breaths and inhale the feeling and vision of love and light and send that energy to every molecule of your body. Send that energy into all of the pleasure centers of your body and relish in the tingle.

Go take a walk in the park. Sit under a tree and observe from all of your senses. Close your eyes ... pay attention to what you hear, feel, smell. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by giving thanks for all of the good in your life. Know that you are worthy and fall in love with yourself. Be kind and say sweet things to yourself. Look in the mirror and say, "I love you sooo much." And mean it. Make a conscious decision to embrace loving thoughts, words and actions. Make it a point to engage in activities that make you feel alive.

From this wondrous place of arousal, live, love and be your authentic self, fearlessly.

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