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Nadiyah Day

Energy Healer

About Me



Recently, my mother told me that when I was born, my heart stopped and the doctors didn’t know if I would make it. She prayed and let the universe know that she really wanted her baby — that she really wanted to love her baby. I believe that we choose to be born into the material world, and knowing that life can be hard, maybe I was having second thoughts about coming here. But when I heard her plea in the spiritual realm, I remembered who I was and why I wanted to enter the physical world: to love. Regardless of the pain, insecurity and fear that we face as humans, love makes it all worth it. Love heals.

Being love itself — feeling love, thinking love, speaking love, giving love and receiving love — is the way that I reach that place of exquisite alignment; it is how I feel the deepest connection to my Creator and my Authentic Higher Self.

Love is this power that we can all tap into ... to remember who we are, to heal, to connect, to create. I decided to devote myself to love: unconditional love of myself, and extending that love to others. 

So here I am …



I love being an energy healer. I am so honored that I've been called to conduct such sacred, rewarding and spirit-affirming work. I am elated that I can love people for a living. I believe in love ... love is the power that can transform us as individuals, and ultimately transform the world.

Fee: $1500 MXN/$75 USD per hour

Healing Energy Work
Meditation Coaching
Positivity - Thought Management Coaching
Attentive Empathetic Listening
Intuitive Impressions


Pain Relief
Stress Relief
Peace of Mind
Clearing Emotional Blocks
Studio Space

Get In Touch

I'm a Global Citizen.

Current Location: Mexico City, Mexico \\ WhatsApp: + 1 678-908-9582


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